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Natural IFBB ELITE PRO – Is it possible?

What is it like to be a steroid free athlete at top level and what does it take to get there?
We met up with Norwegian Men`s Physique Elite Pro Martin Heede. He is natural and never used steroids and build an impressive physique with hard work without illegal substances.

But despite this he have to take a lot of hate on social media and the civil police and antidoping agency is more or less head hunting him and harassing him.

Instead of seeing him as a role model who did this naturally a lot of people seem to want him to be on “roids” instead of letting him motivate them and show them that ”Hey it is possible” they just keep on hating.

Well this is Martins story. And It`s a juicy one.

See more with Martin:

Cover Photo Credit: Fotobakken

Filmed and edited by: Robin4life Productions
Photos in video by: Josef Adlt / Eastlabs

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