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Muscle & Fitness March 2015 with David McIntosh

Fitness model, TV star and former Royal Marine David McIntosh is on the cover of this month’s all-British Muscle & Fitness magazine.

The ex-Gladiator and one-time Marine boxing champion shows you how to get ripped without sacrificing size with his dynamite fight-ready workout.

Our March edition has Part Two of New Year’s Revolution – the eight-week total body transformation plan by leading physique coach Mark Coles.

We show you how to prepare for this year’s CrossFit Open talking to top British Crossfitter David Shorunke whose meteoric rise in the sport took him to 10th place in Europe.

European champion sprinter Jodie Williams reveals how lifting big in the gym has made her faster than ever.

Leading physio Graham Burne looks at the science of squatting to smash the top 5 myths that still haunt this raw power move.

This month’s magazine shows how Judo star Ashley McKenzie build the physique that helped him clinch gold at the Commonwealth Games and we have a hardcore sled training programme to get you stronger, leaner and quicker than ever.

Mark Gilbert tackles misconceptions around lactic acid in his latest Myth Busters feature and M&F gives you a full body programme to build mass with TRX training.

We have all this and much more in March’s M&F which is out in shops on February 12th.

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