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Iron Man Magazine Photoshoot – Brandan Fokken

August Issue is here! Featuring @brandanfokken on the cover!
Hard work does pay off. That’s how we feel at Iron Man and that is very much the same philosophy of this issue’s cover guy, Brandan Fokken @brandanfokken , and Hardbody star, Rose DiNuccio @rosedinuccio . Witness their challenges and renewed commitment to reach success through positivity and consistency and I’m sure you’ll find yourself on the right path from now on. But being positive doesn’t work without the right plan and that’s where this issue excels! Chose your best total body workout, blueprints to blast your individual bodyparts to look their best and meal plans that are guaranteed to fuel your muscle-building machine! BONUS: This issue also includes a guide on how to live your best life to 100! Enjoy!

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