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FLEX magazine January 2015 with Roelly Winklaar

Muscle monster Roelly Winklaar is the cover star on the front of your January 2015 edition of FLEX.
We find out the secrets of Winklaar’s astonishing comeback regime after a horror motorcycle crash that nearly killed him a year ago.

The issue also features bodybuilding’s biggest battle between titans Phil Heath and Kai Greene at the Olympia as well as some of the sport’s greatest rivalries including Schwarzeneggar and Oliva, Cutler and Coleman, and Zane and Columbu.

We have two huge features on destroying your arms with IFBB Pro Max Charles and Canadian super heavyweight Frank McGrath and we also reveal the way to massive gains using cheat reps in the gym.

Dennis Wolf’s domination of Europe is in the spotlight along with all the action from a muscle-packed 15 days on the continent.

FLEX has all the results, reaction and photos from the 2014 British Championships including a look at the country’s newest IFBB Pro athletes Nathan De Asha, Ryan John-Baptiste and Ruth Dales.

There is all this and much more in your January 2015 edition which is available in shops and online NOW!

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