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Eddie Hall’s battle to become World’s Strongest Man 2015 – behind the scenes

Muscle & Fitness wanted to find out what it takes to be a world class strongman.
So naturally we went knocking on the door of one of the strongest men on the planet – Eddie Hall.
The 26-year-old powerhouse invited us to watch one of his legendary 4-hour training sessions at the Strength Asylum Gym in Stoke-on-Trent as he battles to become World’s Strongest Man in 2015.
The full feature on Hall’s brutal training, iron will and superhuman strength appears in the February edition of Muscle & Fitness which hits the shelves this Thursday.
This video is a short behind-the-scenes look at Hall’s bid to become the strongest man on Earth.
He talks about his iron-clad mentality, how he put 61kg on his deadlift in just 12 months and his rivalry with Game of Thrones star “Thor Bjornsson” which could define the future of strongman.
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