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A compilation of the best I filmed during 2017 (Except for one session filmed yesterday). So many great sessions and athletes I feel really privileged to get to do this.

2017 was a great year I can only hope 2018 will be haft as good.

Music in the video is by Neffex and it is called “Fight Back”

Athletes in the video is:Martin Heede IFBB elite PRO and DRUGFREE, 🏅MP European Champion

Anne-Cathrine WBFF Anne-Cathrine 🏆WBFF Diva Fitness Model🇳🇴 🔹Personal Trainer

Karianne Ramberg Bentzen Karianne – FITNESS 🇳🇴 ◽Better Bodies Athlete ◽ProSupps Athlete ◽Master Degree ◽Team LEWEL

Jonathan Fogelberg SUPER OFFICIAL IFBB COACH ▪️Team JF athletes

Sussanne Naamani Bodyfitness/Womens Physique Competitor

Jussi Ojakangas Men`s Physique Competitor

Niro De La Rua 🇨🇺🇸🇪 ➕Dr. of Naprapathy 🏆Owner Saint Iron Gym GBG 💪🏼Bodybuilder

Wille Stenvall 2X Iron Man Magazine cover model, Winner Fitnessgalan 2014 Fitness Model .

Mohamed “Mr 10-Pack” Ali IFBB Athlete 🌍 Voted #1 ABS in the World . Men`s Physique Competito r

Robin Andersson Classic Bodybuilder

Malou Holmström Women`s Physique competitor

Leo Kostic Heavyweight MMA fighter. Personal Trainer. Bodyguard.

Daniel Brovertz Classic Bodybuilder, Personal trainer

Fredrik Hansen Norway 🇳🇴 ▪️ BETTER BODIES Athlete ▫️ BPI Athlete ▪️ SMARTSHAKE

Video and footage by me Robin4life Productions voted top 100 Fitness/motivational channel in the world .

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